Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Wonky Scarf

Well, here it is. Chose a scarf for first easy project and went for the moss/seed stitch because it had a nice texture and is reversible. Alternating knit and purl stitches across each row. I used seven 50g skeins of Twilley's Freedom Wool in Taupe 424 on 10mm needles. Took about a week sat in front of the telly on an evening. 

The tension started out rather uneven. 

Ran out of yarn half way through (I do like a long scarf) and of course it was a discontinued colour. Managed to get more from the internet but from a different dye lot. The colour mismatch is really obvious. 

Oh dear, is that a hole!? Gone too far to go back now...

I've been told that no one will notice but I'll know. Despite all that, I still love it.

Please leave me a comment to share how your first projects went.   

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