Sunday, 27 July 2014

Car Boot Finds

There are some great finds to be had at a car boot sale and who doesn't like a bargain? I'll admit that I've been put off them in past. Sometimes there aren't many sellers or there just hasn't been anything interesting. 

I'm looking to try out kettle dying yarn but don't want to waste a lot of money on a new pot that will never get used for cooking. Someone suggested looking at a car boot. There's one just down the road every Sunday so I had a wander that way. Below is the success find for £1.00. Not too bad.

However, the unexpected find of the day was this ring display. It was looking rather tatty but I just sanded it down a little and wiped it over with some linseed oil and it has come out a treat. And it only cost £0.20!

I will definitely be frequenting car boots more often. I think the key is to go with something in mind for a specific purpose. Although, you never know what might turn up! 


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