Sunday, 20 July 2014

Handspinning (Part 1 - The Wheel)

I've been so distracted lately...since purchasing a spinning wheel! I never intended to start spinning, it just kinda happened. I'd purchased a bag of alpaca fibre with the idea of turning it into pom poms but then I wasn't so sure it would work the way I was imagining. So what else could be done with it? This is what led me to start casually looking for a second hand spinning wheel. I had looked online but most were for collection only in a county far far away.

Then, on the way back from doing some food shopping on a Sunday afternoon, not long after starting the search, there, in the charity shop window opposite, was a spinning wheel. Single treadle. Single drive. Scotch tension break. One bobbin. Hardly any nicks or dents. All looked to be in working order. Nothing to suggest it was for 'decoration only'. It was like it was meant to be!

A thing of beauty

These last few weeks I have spent most of my free time do nothing but spinning and have been documenting the whole process. Next time I will talk about the raw fleece and washing methods I have been experimenting with.

Have you made any exciting purchases lately? 


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