Monday, 2 March 2015

5 Fun Sheep Products

Here are five sheep related products that have nothing to do with knitting or spinning. Just for fun.
  1. Bag Balm - A product of Vermont but it can be purchased in the UK.  A petroleum jelly full of sheepy goodness that has been keeping farmers' hands and cow teats supple for over a century.
  2. Herdy Flock Mugs - I received one of these for Christmas but it keeps being stolen by the OH cause it makes a perfect tea mug, apparently. So I had to buy a second one. Hands off my Herdy Mug!
  3. Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-purpose Balm - Received this in a beauty box subscription and love it! The packaging is super cute. I bet you haven't seen more luscious lashes or a pucker like that on a sheep anywhere else today. It's very effective at moisturising the roughest patch of skin. Although it needs massaging in the cold weather to coax it out of the tube.
  4. Sheep Cheese - Not Sheep's cheese or Sheep's Milk cheese, just Sheep Cheese. Found some for sale in Morrisons. It tastes, um, interesting. Not sure it will make it onto my crackers in the future but it's good to try these things.
  5. Sheep on a Pencil - A perfect gift from someone that, at the time, wasn't fully aware of the level of my sheep fondness. I recently found an old picture of me as a young girl holding a baby lamb in my arms. It rather explains a lot.


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