Saturday, 16 May 2015

DIY Berry Infused Vodka

Making infused vodka is so super easy!


You will need:
Fruit of choice (500 grams)
Vodka (70cl)
A large jar and 3x sterilised clip top preserve bottles (0.25L)
Lots of patience!

Simply pour the berries into the jar, empty the bottle of vodka into it next, add half a cup of sugar and close the lid. Leave the jar in a cool, dark place and allow the berries to steep. Initially, check back every other day and tip the jar to help the sugar dissolve. Add more sugar to taste, if necessary.
Leave for at least two months but not longer than six. The alcohol in the vodka will preserve the berries. Once you are happy it is ready, decant into the clip top preserve bottles. I used a plastic flour sifter to strain the berries from the vodka into a large bowl with a pouring lip but you could pour it straight into the bottles using a funnel. 
Woodland Berries Infused Vodka
These bottles of woodland berry infused vodka would make a lovely gift!

Make some tags with card and twine to label the jars as a finishing touch.

Now its time to enjoy the fruits of your labour (excuse the pun!). Pour over ice, add lemonade and garnish with berries. Delish!

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