Friday, 19 June 2015

Handpsun Yarn

Handspun Yarn
Some months ago I went a little (read: quite a bit ridiculously) overboard buying up various types of wool fleeces. Two have been washed, the rest are still bundled up. Tired of smelling like Woolite, I took a break and reached for some pre-combed top already in my stash.

Here is the result. And I'm so pleased! Each strand is much more consistent in diameter than previous attempts; I'd say somewhere between lace and sport weight. But I really love the variegations in the colour. Oddly, the yarn feels less soft now that it is plied together than when the strands were on individual bobbins (visit what's on my bobbin post to see the singles).

Might try a four ply or art yarn for the next project. Or maybe just get back to prepping more wool.

Thanks for looking!

- Miranda

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