Friday, 12 June 2015

Product Review: Xcut Corner Punch 5mm

Earlier in the year I started a Project Life Album which I was inspired to do when I watched a video by Lily Pebbles, a beauty blogger that I follow. I was particularly intrigued because I noticed all the corners on her photos were rounded which led me to do some research on Project life and to purchase the item this post is about.

Luckily she did a follow up video in which she talked about how to start a Project Life album and the items she used. I promptly bagged the Xcut off of eBay for about £7 including postage.

The Xcut corner punch comes in a 5mm or 10 mm version. They also have a two in one which rounds the corner as well as an inverted corner. It will cut paper up to 240 gsm. I found it to cut through card and photo stock with ease.

Just place the corner of the photo into the corner of the cutter and make sure that both edges are flush to the sides, then press the corner of the punch down. It collects all the cut pieces in a little well which can be emptied from the bottom so it is fairly mess free.  

I like how rounding the corners makes my photos match the Project Life journaling cards which also have rounded corners. I like things to match.

Overall, it's a handy little tool, great for scrapbooking, inexpensive and fun to use.


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