Friday, 17 July 2015

Decorate a Straw Hat for Summer

Last summer I visited Housesteads on what felt like the hottest day of the year. Even the sheep were lined up along the stone walls trying to squeeze themselves into the little shade they offered. I remember seeing a sensible young woman wearing a straw hat and thinking that was a very good idea! Unfortunate for me although the sunburn and hives eventually went away...

So on a fine warm day earlier in the year I picked up a lovely floppy straw hat, amongst other things. There's something about the sunshine makes me inclined to splurge on the shopping. Dunno, can't be just me, right?
The ribbon used in this project was reclaimed from a Glossybox for Net-A-Porter special edition box and sat in my stash for yonks. After measuring the circumference of the hat, the ribbon was pinned and sewn together. Sewing at a slight angle made the band fit the hat more snuggly and helped to smooth out some ruffles. 

Then I pinned down the flaps into a position that looked nice.

This is how it looked once it was sewn down with the sewing machine. An abalone shell button was hand stitched into the middle to hide the seam. All that was left to do was fit the band onto the hat and make a few small stitches around the hat to tack it in place.

It took a while for the UK summer to heat up but have to say it's been pretty nice out lately so I'll actually be getting some good use out of this. Wore it the other day whilst out at a park and, without prompt, the OH told me how classy I looked!

The only hives I'll be getting this time around are the kind on patterned fabric :D

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading this!


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