Sunday, 2 August 2015

Colette Patterns: Myrtle Dress

Can't really remember what I was looking for or why I ended up in the fabric section of my local haberdashery shop, but I had to stop when I spotted a completed Myrtle dress on one of the mannequins.

The shape of the dress was lovely and the blue and white feather fabric was very pretty. Just on the table next to it was a few Myrtle patterns spread over the fabric from which it was made. Initially, I put the pattern down because the photo on the cover is somewhat underwhelming (sorry!) but the dress on the mannequin looked so pretty! After mulling it over for a day, I went back and bought the pattern and the knit feather fabric.
Myrtle Dress

First, have to say I was very impressed with how the instructions and pattern are presented. It is done in a book format so it doesn't take up a lot of space and a pocket at the back to store the pattern. The instructions were very concise and there is additional support via the web link printed in the pack which did come in handy!

Myrtle Dress
This was only my second attempt at a dress, the first was a disaster but then it was probably over ambitious. This dress has no complications (aka zippers, darts, bias binding, etc). I choose the shorter version 2 pattern and, for ease, I decided to leave out the pockets and shoulder tabs.
I used the twin needle technique to get the overlock look on the hems. Always a good it not to leave your machine on zig zag setting when doing this or face having a broken needle! Also, make sure you sew the hem on the right side of the fabric. I did this the wrong way. Twice. And ended up poking a hole in the fabric with the unpicker. Twice. Unnggh!
Installing the elastic waist band was probably the trickiest part to work out.  I did have to unstitch a section and re-do.
Myrtle Dress

It took a full day to make this dress, mostly down to my inexperience, and machine issues which made the experience rather frustrating. On the zig zag settings the machine kept dropping stitches and the thread kept snapping. Tried different tensions but that didn't make much difference. Haven't figured it out yet.

I would do a few things differently next time such as make the skirt a little longer and maybe the bodice too, add on the should tabs and possibly try it in a woven fabric.

Really pleased with the end result. It fit for starters, so that is a huge success! I've received a few compliments which is always nice. I will definitely be doing a few variations of this dress in future. Thanks Colette Patterns for making a great pattern for a lovely dress!


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